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Shrimply Delicious!!!

Shrimp Medley

4 Steamed Shrimp, 4 Bacon Wrapped Barbecue Shrimp, 4 Coconut Shrimp plus Orange Horseradish Dipping Sauce. $ 14.95

shrimp medley newtown square

Have you tried our new 6 oz. Mega Colossal Crab Cake, lightly breaded. They are literally a HUGE success with our customers. While Supplies Last!


Viso'sViso’s Authentic Italian Desserts

We have 6 Cannoli with the bag of the filling that you just cut the tip off and squeeze into the cannoli, so you can do them fresh.

$ 12.00 for six. “Take them home and fill them fresh”.


full spirited flavours teamProsperity Liqueur Infused Cakes

The perfect item for:
Special Occasions, client gifts, special events, thank you gifts, office & teacher gifts.

We have many varieties of liqueur infused cakes from small to large. Stop by our store to see the full selection.

Prosperity Liqueur infused cakes
Prosperity Liqueur infused cakes
Prosperity Liqueur infused cakes
lg cakes